Welcome to Thursday Travels! I decided to add this to the website since I’ve been passionate about traveling for a while now. However, I rarely have the money or time to travel like I’d really like to — so I’m using this space as my canvas of places I’ve been or where I’d like to go. It’ll be fun to dream of new adventures and relive past adventures, and hopefully you’ll share yours, too!

For this inaugural post I wanted to share a picture from my first overseas trip, a college visit to Rome, Italy in the Spring of 1999. I was inside the Coliseum when I discovered sunlight pouring into an ancient staircase, and I wanted to save that moment forever. I still keep the picture on my desk at work — it inspires me to reach higher while also honoring the spirit of generations before me. Dreaming of the future while celebrating the past.

I look forward to sharing more of my Rome pictures in the future. For now, I’m thinking of what travels I’ll feature next…

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