Celebrating Jackie Parks

jackie kero

CREDIT: KERO-TV/turnto23.com

Two days ago, I was one of many people helping to celebrate the career of Jackie Parks at both KERO-TV and in Bakersfield. Jackie is leaving 23ABC News to head to Maryland, where she will anchor the news at the same station as her husband, Todd Karli, who anchored alongside her in Bakersfield for many years. Their family is embarking on a new adventure, and I’m excited for all of them as they explore the East Coast!

I worked with Jackie at KERO from 2003 to 2007 and then moved around, only to return to the station last year in a new role, thanks in part to her and Todd. Jackie was always the cool, collected voice in the newsroom — someone I turned to for guidance and wisdom when a moment called for more than just an impulse decision. I’ll miss her award-winning storytelling and the way she helped mentor so many journalists to find their voices amid the daily noise, stress, and chaos of the newsroom. I relied upon her more than I probably realize, and I know I’ll miss her presence in ways that will only become apparent in the coming weeks and months.

So to Jackie I say: Thank you — for your support through the years, for believing in me, and for seeing my potential… and for doing the same for countless other journalists. Good luck and have fun in your new journey!

WATCH: 23ABC looks back at Jackie’s career

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