Welcome to Thursday Travels! I decided to add this to the website since I’ve been passionate about traveling for a while now. However, I rarely have the money or time to travel like I’d really like to — so I’m using this space as my canvas of places I’ve been or where I’d like to […]

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MONDAY MOVIES: “Interstellar”

Before I talk about this excellent movie, I would like to say THANK YOU for helping to make November the most popular month on record for Justin’s Jobs! We had the most number of page views and visitors last month than any other time in the website’s history, and that’s all because of you. So […]

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TUESDAY TUNES: “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”, The Rolling Stones

First things first: Hello to all those who have visited Justin’s Jobs already today from across the world! I hope the following words are proper greetings, but please let me know if I lost something in translation: Hello! (USA) | ¡Hola! (Brazil) | Kumusta! (Phillippines) | Ciao! (Italy) You may already know today’s Tuesday Tune: “You Can’t Always Get […]

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