MONDAY MOVIES: “Interstellar”

Before I talk about this excellent movie, I would like to say THANK YOU for helping to make November the most popular month on record for Justin’s Jobs! We had the most number of page views and visitors last month than any other time in the website’s history, and that’s all because of you. So again, thank you.

Sorry I wasn’t able to do more with “November of News” — but there’s essentially only one movie about news that you really need to see, and that’s “Network“. Once you see that, you’ll never see the news business — or any business, really — the same way. One of the best films ever made. That said, I hope to do an update soon on my “Nightcrawler” post. Stay tuned!

And now, “Interstellar”.

It’s Oscar season, and it’s one of the most exciting times of the year for me. Not only do I enjoy watching and tracking these films, but I also take a lot of joy in applying their messages to our daily lives.

“Interstellar” is no exception to this. It’s the story of a talented pilot-turned-farmer who lives with his family in a dusty, dystopian landscape in the not-so-distant future. Through a variety of bizarre circumstances, he finds himself in a position to explore space for the future of mankind. But will he return? What happens to his family as a result of this opportunity?

I don’t want to give too much away — but let’s say you’re the best at something, and while it’s usually hard to make a living with it, one day you have the opportunity to make it your life’s purpose. It could mean, however, potentially losing those people and things that you love. Would you do it? What if by doing it, you actually save the lives of the people you love?

This isn’t necessarily an original conundrum, but “Interstellar” delivers it in a nearly three-hour package that moves along well. Movies about space exploration and theories of existence aren’t exactly my top choice, but I thought this film wove in those themes with faith and destiny in a way that made it — so to speak — out of this world.

And it’s a good reminder that no matter what opportunities may come your way, always be your best and do your best. You never know what may be around the corner — in this galaxy or another one!


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