Virtues Of The Sloth

I’ve always been drawn to sloths. I’m convinced that they’re my spirit animal. I do things pretty quickly, but I need to slow it down sometimes – and sloths are very, very slow. I’d like to think that they’re so happy because they choose to be slow! (But their slow metabolism is most likely responsible for that)

It’s always been a dream to meet a sloth one-on-one, and I finally got my chance! I had the recent privilege of meeting Lola the two-toed sloth at the Wildlife Learning Center. She’s very sweet — and actually a little faster that I imagined. She has coarse hair, and she seems to enjoy being petted. I got to hang out with her (figuratively speaking, since she was hanging but I was standing) for about 30 minutes, which seems like a long time to be with an animal that doesn’t do much, but the time flew by while I enjoyed every second of her company.

Buzz Feed recently posted a fun video on how to live according to sloths, and there’s some good wisdom in there. Most importantly: slow down, be adaptable, and be one with nature. That last one may seem a little hippy-ish, but nature can teach us a lot about ourselves.

So hurry up and slow down!

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WATCH: Actress Kristen Bell meets Lola on The Ellen Show



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