Working Out & Daily Disclipline

I’ve been exercising a lot more lately — doing a lot of strength exercises, as well as team sports. I’m not in bad shape physically, but I’m not in great shape either.  More than just getting back to a healthy weight and physique, it’s been just as important for me to honor the discipline of working out. The act of getting to the gym, having a game plan, and sticking to it is an important achievement by itself.

I feel like I’m getting stronger, because what I’ve learned is that I have room in my schedule to be disciplined with a creative workout, too. And this list published in Inc. is a solid start to following in the footsteps of successful people. Among the practices that inspire me: Focus on others; give yourself a break; and sleep. These are things that I can’t always do as well as I’d like to, and I look forward to getting better at them.

So whether it’s at the gym or in the boardroom, here’s hoping you can find a way to exercise and improve yourself!

(h/t Inc.)

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