Hitting The Road vs. Hitting The Books

A big decision for high school graduates is how to start the rest of their lives. There’s a huge economy built on getting students ready for college and then getting them to the school of their dreams — but with rising higher education costs and a hit-and-miss job market, is travel a better option?

Huff Post Travel posted some recent tips for teens who chose the travel option, but I think it applies to just about everyone. Maybe you’re a working professional in a rut, and you need to travel to get some perspective. Maybe you’ve never traveled much out of your hometown and want to get a look at the rest of the world. Or maybe you’re just hoping to mark some places off your bucket list.

Whatever the case, I highly recommend carving out some time and money to make travel a priority. I was fortunate to travel a little while a poor college student, and I’ve traveled some as a slightly-less-poor adult. You don’t need to fly first-class or stay at five-star hotels to make it a great experience; I’ve made a lot of great memories by finding unique and affordable options.

All that said, I would love to travel a lot more! If you have any tips or suggestions, please post a comment via the ‘thought bubble’ to the top right… thanks!

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(h/t Huff Post Travel)

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