TUESDAY TUNES: “Paracosm”, Washed Out

I’m hooked on a new album! Thanks to Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” feature, the app knows me well and recommended a tune from Paracosm by Washed Out. I didn’t want to stop there — I went to the full album and now I can’t stop listening to it. From the first moment, I imagine walking into the woods (thanks in […]

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TUESDAY TUNES: Beethoven’s 9th Symphony

It’s almost impossible to listen to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, especially the fourth movement, and not feel happiness — after all, that’s one of the reasons it’s called Ode to Joy! The 9th has been referenced in popular culture from movies like “A Clockwork Orange” to “Die Hard”, and it actually inspired the size of the modern compact […]

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TUESDAY TUNES: “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”, The Rolling Stones

First things first: Hello to all those who have visited Justin’s Jobs already today from across the world! I hope the following words are proper greetings, but please let me know if I lost something in translation: Hello! (USA) | ¡Hola! (Brazil) | Kumusta! (Phillippines) | Ciao! (Italy) You may already know today’s Tuesday Tune: “You Can’t Always Get […]

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