Celebrating the Chiefs and Kansas City

For the first time in 50 years, the Kansas City Chiefs went to the Super Bowl — and even better, they won! It’s hard to describe how amazing it’s been to see KC in a national spotlight over the course of the past few weeks. I’m so proud of where I’m from, and I’m glad others are seeing how great it is, too. 

There have been so many incredible moments over the past year. It started in 2019, when I went to my first Chiefs game in three decades — only to witness them beat the Colts and win their first home playoff game in 25 years. This year, I saw them play the Raiders at the Coliseum in Oakland for the last time. And then I watched 12 rows from the field with my father when they rallied in an historic comeback against the Texans last month. In between, I’ve given and received countless high fives at various watch parties across America… including in KC, Las Vegas, Austin, and Portland.

Through this team, I’ve made so many amazing memories with my family and closest friends — and reminded myself once again why they’re so important in my life. I’ve caught up with people I haven’t seen in decades, and I’ve made lots of new friends in the journey.

So today, as the streets of Kansas City fill with hundreds of thousands of people coming together to celebrate what this means for the community, I join you from the West Coast — my home away from home for the past 17 years — so very grateful for the Chiefs and for KC, all the adventures I’ve embarked upon in celebrating them, and all the good times ahead!IMG_7730

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