MONDAY MOVIES: “Begin Again”



I can see myself living in the world in which “Begin Again” is set.

It’s a charming movie in which down-on-his-luck record executive Dan Mulligan (played by Mark Ruffalo) discovers the unseen potential in Gretta James (Keira Knightley) and convinces her to record an album. Their collaboration involves finding innovative and unorthodox ways of making music, to the delight of everyone involved. I won’t give away the rest, but it’s a good-sounding, good-looking, and inspiring movie that I recommend.

The lesson that I took away from the Oscar-nominated film is that if you have a gift — in Mulligan’s case, the gift of finding and making music — don’t give up your dreams just because you’ve hit a rough patch. Sometimes our best laid plans don’t turn out exactly how we envisioned them, but what comes our way instead may be better than we ever imagined.

Click here to watch Adam Levine perform “Lost Stars” at the Oscars





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