Building Your Float in the Parade of Life

I had a chance to see the Rose Parade floats today for the first time, and they’re awesome! These floats were in Thursday’s parade, and they remained on display through today. As with all Rose Parade floats, they’re covered entirely in plant materials — such as flowers, seeds, and grasses. The detail that goes into them is inspiring and humbling… thousands of little pieces that turn into a moving, beautiful collage of all shapes and sizes.

They’re a good reminder that our lives are much the same as these floats, filled with thousands of little pieces that make each one of us unique… the people we know, the things we do, the choices we make, the choices we don’t make, etc. What you put on your float is up to you, especially how it’s shaped and what it looks like.

Here’s hoping that you’re constantly working to make your float the best it can be!



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