Bugs In Your Eyes

I recently started using a phrase that I learned from watching one of my favorite new comedies, USA Network’s Playing HouseThat phrase shares the name of the episode that it’s in: Bugs In Your Eyes.

I won’t give too much away, but here’s the setup: Maggie (played by Lennon Parham) is talking to a member of the Skeleton Riders, a tough motorcycle gang, while she’s playing billiards with her newborn strapped to her. Rather than enlist the help of her best friend (Emma, played by Jessica St. Clair) to care for the baby, she decides to do everything all by herself. After she ignores the advice of Ortega (Marco Rodriguez), he gives her some awesome wisdom:

MAGGIE: I don’t need her. I’m a mom. I can do it myself.

ORTEGA: You got bugs in your eyes.


ORTEGA: You see, Skeleton Riders, we got this saying: You got bugs in your eyes. What it means is this: You can’t always be the lead hog. When we ride, we ride in formation. We trade out the lead. ‘Cuz if you stay in front of the pack for too long, you get bugs in your eyes. Understand what I’m saying?

MAGGIE: Yeah, you get a bunch of dead bugs in your gut.

ORTEGA: You need to let other people help you. Doesn’t make you any less of a rider.

Sometimes as a leader, it can be tough to delegate responsibility. Maybe it seems like more work than just doing it yourself, maybe you just can’t say ‘no’ when people ask for help when you’re already busy, or maybe you just don’t trust anyone with the task at hand. But you need to find a way to get it done without overloading yourself, and no one can get it done all by themselves — especially with bugs in their eyes!

playing house 2

Pic courtesy: USA Network

Editorial Note: If you haven’t had a chance to watch Playing House, then you’re missing out. It’s about two best friends who have to raise a baby after some unforeseen circumstances, but what really makes it funny is the witty banter between the two stars of the show and how just how human they both are. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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