Start Spreading The (Good) News

Would you be happier if you saw more “good news” and less gossip in those grocery store checkout line magazines? Sandi Krakowski of A Real Change notes in Entrepreneur that with the emergence of social media, stories that inspire people are having more of an impact that gossipy or negative news stories:

News that inspires and motivates is now being sought out just as much if not more than news that tears down and is destructive.

As an assignment editor at a television news station, I can tell you that it’s sometimes tough to find “good news” stories that can be told in a visual, compelling way. I’m always on the lookout for stories that bring a smile to our viewers’ faces, and I’ve even been a part of special stories focused on people making a difference in the community. But Krakowski notes that even “bad news” can sometimes have a silver lining:

Good journalism still reports bad news as it’s a normal part of our everyday existence. But it’s important to note that with every bad report, many are still searching for hope in devastating situations.

It’s a good reminder that while bad things happen, it’s important to focus on the good things that can come from them — and the world is full of people who want to support, share, and help however they can.

(h/t Entrepreneur)

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