The Perfect Way To Say ‘No’

I wish I could say “no” more often. I hate to let people down, and I’m always up for an adventure. But sometimes saying “yes” too many times means that I’m overcommitting myself, and before long I’ll be running around like crazy, which isn’t helpful to anyone.

Fortunately, Inc. found the perfect way to say “no”, and it’s a simple trick: Rather than saying you “can’t” do something, just say you “don’t” instead. Research shows that people who say “can’t” instead of “don’t” are much more likely to give into the temptation. For instance, instead of saying “I can’t miss a workout”, say “I don’t miss workouts”. See how much more declarative that is? Saying “don’t” almost makes it part of your belief system, incapable of being challenged — and it may be easier for you to say, and for others to understand, when it’s important to you.

Now that’s advice you can’t don’t ignore!

(h/t Inc.)

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