MONDAY MOVIES: “The Brothers Grimsby”



Just watched “The Brothers Grimsby” — a raunchy comedy all about family.The movie is centered around Nobby, a fun-loving family man searching for his long-lost brother. It turns out that his brother, Sebastian, is a government spy; when they finally meet, it’s at the worst time for Sebastian, and as you can guess, it goes hilariously sideways from there.

It’s a fun, silly movie with a heart of gold. Even though it’s all about the importance of family, it’s not necessarily for the whole family… it’s rated R for a good reason. But if that’s no problem, then you’re sure to enjoy some laughs!

Celebrating Jackie Parks

jackie kero


Two days ago, I was one of many people helping to celebrate the career of Jackie Parks at both KERO-TV and in Bakersfield. Jackie is leaving 23ABC News to head to Maryland, where she will anchor the news at the same station as her husband, Todd Karli, who anchored alongside her in Bakersfield for many years. Their family is embarking on a new adventure, and I’m excited for all of them as they explore the East Coast!

I worked with Jackie at KERO from 2003 to 2007 and then moved around, only to return to the station last year in a new role, thanks in part to her and Todd. Jackie was always the cool, collected voice in the newsroom — someone I turned to for guidance and wisdom when a moment called for more than just an impulse decision. I’ll miss her award-winning storytelling and the way she helped mentor so many journalists to find their voices amid the daily noise, stress, and chaos of the newsroom. I relied upon her more than I probably realize, and I know I’ll miss her presence in ways that will only become apparent in the coming weeks and months.

So to Jackie I say: Thank you — for your support through the years, for believing in me, and for seeing my potential… and for doing the same for countless other journalists. Good luck and have fun in your new journey!

WATCH: 23ABC looks back at Jackie’s career




Welcome to Thursday Travels! I decided to add this to the website since I’ve been passionate about traveling for a while now. However, I rarely have the money or time to travel like I’d really like to — so I’m using this space as my canvas of places I’ve been or where I’d like to go. It’ll be fun to dream of new adventures and relive past adventures, and hopefully you’ll share yours, too!

For this inaugural post I wanted to share a picture from my first overseas trip, a college visit to Rome, Italy in the Spring of 1999. I was inside the Coliseum when I discovered sunlight pouring into an ancient staircase, and I wanted to save that moment forever. I still keep the picture on my desk at work — it inspires me to reach higher while also honoring the spirit of generations before me. Dreaming of the future while celebrating the past.

I look forward to sharing more of my Rome pictures in the future. For now, I’m thinking of what travels I’ll feature next…

4 Men, 4 Different Incomes

4 men salary

CREDIT: Stuart Patience/Esquire

I’m always fascinated by how people make money and spend money. My parents always taught me to be thrifty and to save as much as I can. I’m probably a little cheaper than I should be, but I’m happy with my finances, and I appreciate spending a little extra money on the little things that make me feel good (like a nice shirt or a good pair of shoes).

And that’s why this Esquire article is so interesting to me. It catalogs people of different salaries, how they handle their money, and how happy they are (Spoiler alert: On a scale of 1 to 10, no one is below a 7). It’s also curious that no matter how much money these guys make, they each have something that they want but can’t yet afford.

And I like that the guy who makes $1 million each year plans to never really retire; there’s a notion that once you save a certain amount of money, you don’t have to work… but if you like what you do, there’s no need to retire!

(h/t Esquire)

Morley Safer, 1931-2016

60 minutes group morley

CREDIT: CBS Photo Archive

60 Minutes has always been a special place for me — the format hasn’t changed much in decades, and yet it still remains a sacred ground for storytelling and journalism. That’s thanks in part to Don Hewitt, who created the show and knew the best way to keep it relevant was to hire the best storytellers in the business.

Morley Safer was one of those storytellers. He died today at the age of 84, just a week after he retired from 60 Minutes. Although his age showed in recent years, his ability to find the heart of a good story was as sharp as ever. He and his trademark style will be sorely missed.

I wanted to share this picture of Safer in 1975 (on the far left) with three of the show’s other legends — from left to right: Dan Rather, Mike Wallace, and Hewitt. It’s always humbling to see photos like this, candid images of stories being crafted by some of television’s greatest news figures. And while three of the four men in the picture are gone (Rather is still alive; he was born just a few days earlier than Safer), their legacies still live on with journalists all around the world.

I’m happy to be one of those journalists, and I only hope I have a career as colorful and enduring as the one that Morley Safer created for himself.

TUESDAY TUNES: “Summertime”, Billy Stewart



I don’t know about you, but it feels like summertime where I live! And I discovered this song just in time to get the summer season into high gear.

We all know the Gershwin classic “Summertime”, but Stewart’s cover features scat singing, tight drumming, and a blaring trumpet section that builds into a crescendo unlike any other version I’ve heard before.

So here’s to a happy summer full of great music!




TUESDAY TUNES: “Paracosm”, Washed Out



I’m hooked on a new album! Thanks to Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” feature, the app knows me well and recommended a tune from Paracosm by Washed Out. I didn’t want to stop there — I went to the full album and now I can’t stop listening to it.

From the first moment, I imagine walking into the woods (thanks in part to actual bird sounds) and finding an imaginary world… which, it turns out, is the exact definition of the word ‘paracosm’. The album entrances you with modern beats and mellifluous melodies until it eventually gently eases you out of the paracosm and back into the real world, with more bird sounds as a souvenir.

It’s the perfect soundtrack to keep you company during a long commute or road trip or maybe while you lounge around the house on a rainy day.